The Town Car – King Of Comfort

With its beginnings dating back to the 1960s, the Town Car has earned a reputation for being an iconic symbol of class, luxury and prestige.   The Town Car is Lincoln’s flagship vehicle and has been around for many years.  Despite receiving many improvements over the years, the Town Car maintains a classic look that has gone mostly unchanged over the years.  Today, it’s arguably the most used chauffeured car model in North America.  So what is it that makes the town car so special?  How and why is it considered to be such an icon of luxury?

It does its job exceptionally well
The Town Car was created to fulfill one goal and one goal only—to transport its passengers to their destination as comfortably and smoothly as possible.  Its key to being the king of comfort is its extremely generous and spacious rear compartment.  The Executive L model boasts a 6 inch wheelbase extension which allows for an amazing 47 inches of legroom.  (just under 4 feet!).  The generous space doesn’t stop in the passenger compartment.  The trunk also offers a massive amount of space at 21 cubic feet.  That’s plenty of space for the luggage of its passengers.  Town Cars are also fantastic for avid shoppers.

(Business) Man’s Best Friend
Town cars have become the go-to you go of choice for thousands of busy business people every day.  In the past limousines and town cars were reserved and use only by the privileged few.  Today, limos and Town Cars and are an excellent alternative to taxi service.  Town Cars come out on top when it comes to safety, reliability and comfort.  The extra perks of refreshments, excellent chauffeur service and free magazines don’t hurt.  A Town Car will cost more than a taxi, but you’ll be surprised at how comparable the rates are.

If you’ve never had the privilege of riding in a Town Car.  We highly recommend you try it out so you can experience firsthand what makes the Town Car the “King of Comfort”.  Contact us if you’re in the Vancouver BC area and we’d be happy to set you up with one.