How To Choose The Best Limo Service

“What should you look for in a limo company?”
Do a google search for “limos” and your search will turn up countless companies that service your city.  The list can be exhausting to deal with especially as you try to sort out other details for your special occasion.

I’ve summarized what I think are the best tips below on finding the best limo company for you:

1. Take the time to see the vehicle
If you are going to spend the money to get a special car for a major event then PLEASE check out the car in person first! Many times websites will stick a top of the line glamorous limo on their site but the reality will shock you! Limos will show their wear and tear after numerous party nights too and you don’t want to welcome your bride or prom date with a weary faded limo instead of the elegant and sleek limo you promised her.

2. References/Referrals
Take a couple of minutes and read the reviews about the limo company. Use Yelp or other local review sites. Or post it on a local chat group. It is definitely worth taking the time to see if other people had good, bad or catastrophically awful experiences with a limo company before signing on.

3. How long have they been in the business?
Although much could be said for going with the newest company in the hopes that they have the “newest” limos – take heed.  Often times they might lack experienced drivers or have poor contingency plans for emergencies. That being said, old companies might very well have worn down limos unless they have been successful in this business (hopefully in those cases they would have maintained their limos well).  Hence the reason I have #1 at the top of my list. MAKE SURE YOU SEE THE VEHICLE FIRSTHAND!

4. Variety
Gone are the days when limos were used for weddings, proms or graduations. Now people use limos to go to the spa, for airport pick ups, bachelor parties, bridal parties, business clients etc. The variety of limousines has likewise expanded to stretch limos, shuttle buses, party buses, stretch SUVS and many more. Take a look around. The larger and more successful companies will obviously have more of a variety which will be more likely to meet your specific need.

5. Safety
You are entrusting the safety of your loved ones on a very important day to a perfect stranger. Make sure that stranger is a licensed experienced driver! Does the company have liability insurance? Are they prepared for emergencies of any kind? Are their vehicles up to date with security and safety standards? Trust me – if you are renting a limo for a special occasion – you do not want that momentous day to turn into a “stranded by the side of the road in my wedding dress” type of day.

6. Cost
And last but certainly not least is the cost. Get multiple quotes if you can. You’d be surprised at the range in prices with different companies. But also be careful that you get a full detailed breakdown of all the costs. Limo companies (like airlines) are very good at adding surcharges and additional costs.

That’s it! Hope you find those 6 tips useful. Best of luck choosing a limo for your special day!  If you haven’t already, why not check us out while you’re here.