9 Tips For An Unforgettably Gratifying Limo Experience

1. Make Sure Your Party Size Will Actually Fit Comfortably in the Limo
There is nothing worse than getting all dressed up for your prom or wedding and then be forced to be packed like sardines. If it’s a special enough day to warrant a limo then make sure you will fit in it!  When you’re buying a tent and it says it can fit 10 people, usually that means you can fit 10 people all lying side by side, shoulder to shoulder.  Yes everyone fits in the tent, but it’s probably not a very cozy situation.  Limos are similar.  Packing a 10-person limo with 10 people shoulder to shoulder is alright for shorter rides.  But, if you’re in for a longer ride or just want maximum comfort, you may want to upgrade to a larger vehicle.

2. Make Sure You Book an Appropriate Vehicle

There are so many different types of limos out there now that cater to every type of event. Do you want a sleek, elegant and classy limo for your wedding or do you want an eye catching and humongous party limo for your prom? Both will give you very different experience so do the research and check out the vehicle first!

3. Ask For The Driver’s Business Card
Trust me, it’s an exciting day for you. You’re getting married, going to prom, going on a trip, going out to party—it is very easy to forget details like who your driver is and where he’s supposed to meet you after the party. Get his card so you’ll have his name and number.  It will be that much easier to find him when you’re half drunk or almost passing out from exhaustion at the end of the night.

4. Make a Plan
Before you start your trip or event make sure the driver knows all the details. Where are you going and how long you’re going to be there for.  Is that your final destination or are you making multiple stops?  Will he be waiting for you somewhere or dropping you off? Remember, you might have hired a limo so that you can drink to your heart’s content.  Make sure the driver knows where to deliver you to at the end of the night before you get so inebriated that you can’t communicate what you want. It will just make your night that much smoother.

5. Don’t Smoke in the Car
In many place it is illegal to smoke in a limousine. Many companies forbid it as the smell lingers and will often damage the car and the reputation of the company. If you do smoke, you may very well be charged a damage fee. If you need to smoke, simply ask the driver to pull over.

6. Relax!
Enjoy the experience. Your driver will open the doors for you, he will unload and load your luggage, he will bring you anywhere you want to go. It’s your special night. Enjoy it.

7. Turn on the Tunes
Bring your own DVDs or music.  Many limousines, from sedans to stretch suvs and party buses, come equipped with mp3 player docking stations and or DVD players.  If you’ve got a long trip ahead of you, bring your favorite movies and dvds. The driver might have a few of his own but you’ll be happier with music you prefer.

8. Request Liquor Ahead of Time
Typically most limousines don’t carry liquor unless otherwise specified.

Any questions?  Don’t be afraid to ask!  Your chosen limousine company wants to please you.  They want you to have a wonderful experience so if you need anything else… ask! If you want to propose to your girlfriend with flowers, balloons, a red carpet, champagne in ice, just ask for them. You may or may not have to pay a fee but it will be much more convenient letting the limo company deal with those issues.